CCTV and Security Cameras

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CCTV gives peace of mind and a sense of security to the business owner, employees and customers alike.

Employees have peace of mind that their workplace is monitored and can focus on their task and be more productive. When employees feel secure, staff turnover decreases.

Security cameras closely monitor your property. Everything is monitored off site, as images are sent via internet to our control centre, where our trained operatives can keep an eye on things around the clock with no disruption to your business or customers. If a problem does arise, our responsive service reacts immediately to take the necessary action and keeps your assets safe.

CCTV technology is rapidly advancing, and RPS can equip you with the latest in monitoring and recording security. You can take complete control of your security. Whether you need high definition images, motion activated, round the clock monitoring or you want to view your premises from your smartphone, RPS makes it happen.

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Benefits of Security Cameras

Security cameras are ideal for clients for whom having manned guards is not practical. They are a long term and cost effective solution that you can have complete control over.

Security cameras are ideal for:

  • Staff security
  • Customer peace of mind
  • High end merchandise
  • High crime areas
  • Around the clock surveillance
  • Businesses where it isn’t practical to have manned guards 24/7

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Leaders in security

RPS Facilities Management is a leading name in security. We offer reliable security services delivered by professionally trained staff. We hold ISO 9001 and work closely with clients to deliver high quality security services that work for their organisation.

For everyday peace of mind, speak to us about CCTV.