Securing Your Property While on Holiday

Securing Your Property While on Holiday

Breaking up for holidays is an exciting time at any business, but it doesn’t come without security risks. Unoccupied premises are especially vulnerable to vandalism and theft, and coming back to an incident isn’t the way you want to end your break. 

Breaches of security can be costly, both because employees feel less safe and are therefore less productive at work, and also because valuable equipment can be damaged or stolen and require replacement.

Thankfully, with some thoughtfulness, a good CCTV system, and some simple consideration, you can put steps in place to protect your property while you’re away. 

Here are some suggestions for moves to make in securing your property while on holiday.


Remove Valuable Items

A sensible move to make while you prepare your premises for your holiday is to remove valuable items and store them elsewhere. You could consider professional, secure storage. This way, if somebody does manage to access your building, then financial damage is minimised, and you’ll be able to recover more quickly as a company. While professional storage can seem costly, it is rarely as expensive as having to replace your stolen office equipment!


Hire Void Property Management

If your break is going to be for a period longer than two weeks, it could be worth considering to hire a company for void property management. This means your property will be physically checked externally and internally for damage or theft while vacant, and you’ll receive regular updates on the status of your building. You’ll be able to enjoy your holiday more in the knowledge that your property is being tended to.


Inform the Neighbours

The more eyes on your building while you’re on holiday, the better! If you inform the neighbours of your property that you’re going to be away, your community will know to keep an eye on the premises and report any damage to the police. Watchful neighbours will be around more often and later on than a security patrol, and they don’t cost anything more than a thank you.


Set Your Alarms

Ensure you’ve got a team dedicated to alarm response and key holding while you’re away. If your alarms are activated, it can be attended by your employees or security company in case of an emergency. Physical checks also aren’t necessary as often if you have a reliable alarm to monitor activity around your business premises. Burglar alarms are worth their weight in gold for peace of mind!


Keep Your Premises Clean

The tidier the outside of your building is, the more you appear to care about the health of your premises. You could use the time that your building is unoccupied to hire a company for deep office cleaning! Squatters, thieves and vandals know that they’re less likely to be able to commit crime around your building without you pursuing persecution, so you’re a less attractive target. Suspicious activity will be easier for your neighbours to spot in an area free of clutter, too.


Make Sure It’s Heated

Your premises should be kept to a minimum of five degrees celsius to look after the heating and water systems in your building while you’re away. Severe cold can be detrimental to the health of your property. Gentle heating means everything will run smoothly once you return, and you can return to business as quickly as possible.


For further advice on keeping your business premises secure while vacant, contact us at RPS Facilities. There is also no better time to consider deep cleaning services for your building than when unoccupied, so make the most of your time on holiday by arranging a visit from our cleaning team. Why not return to a secure, safe and spanking clean building.