4 Ways to Prevent Vandalism

4 Ways to Prevent Vandalism

As a business owner, your premises are vitally important to you and your company. They securely house your staff and your equipment so that your operations can function, meaning break-ins can be detrimental to the confidence and productivity of your employees. With careful consideration and thoughtfulness, you can protect your business from being targeted and affected by vandals. 

Whether your building is occupied daily, or you require void property management for space that you own, you will save yourself a great deal of hassle by considering and applying these four ways to prevent vandalism.


Keep Your Building Visible

It may feel as though your building is less likely to be targeted if it isn’t visible to the public since out of sight means out of mind, but that is not the case. If your property is in a gloomy, dark area, then it’s a much easier hit than buildings that are visible on the street. High visibility ultimately means that neighbours can report suspicious activity involving your building to the police, and vandals are likely to be caught.

Bright lighting is a reasonable and cheap choice for you in this case. Keep your building as illuminated as possible, particularly at entry points, and vandals will be deterred from targeting your business at the very beginning.


Use CCTV Cameras

Advertising the fact that your business premises use CCTV is a severe deterrent for crime. No vandal wants to be caught, and your building won’t be as attractive while recording substantial evidence of trespassing. Investing in security cameras also demonstrates that your building is well kept and attended to and that you’re more likely to pursue a conviction for vandalism than the owners of dirty properties. Dummy CCTV systems are a cheap way to reap similar results.

Functional CCTV is a great preventative measure for the security of your business premises, and it is invaluable if vandalism or theft does occur. With recorded evidence of a crime on your property, thugs are easier to identify and catch, leaving them unable to continue targeting buildings.


Fit Obvious Alarms

Obvious alarms around your business premises have a similar effect to CCTV cameras. A well-maintained building is less attractive to target for vandals since you value your property. Even opportunistic criminals won’t be inclined to deface your property for fear of triggering an alarm!

If you live a while away from your business premises, it may be worth considering a local company to carry out alarm response and key holding. When your building is in an industrial area rather than a residential area, the sound alone might not be enough to attract attention to the building. Stones and bricks could still be thrown at windows and doors from a distance despite an audible alarm, and for a while without interference from a physical response.


Apply Anti-Vandal Paint

A sign stating that your premises are coated in anti-vandal paint means that your building isn’t attractive to target. Even if your premises are out of sight from the public and dimly lit, black paint is difficult to remove from clothing and would leave vandals easy to identify if they try to flee.

Anti-vandal paint is reasonably priced and very low maintenance, while it also adds a slip to any applied surface. A slippery surface is tough to climb, so criminals will be coated in black residue while struggling to get up a height and inflict damage on your roof. Anti-vandal paint is one of the most cost-effective security measures you could take.


For further advice on protecting your business premises from vandalism and theft, feel free to contact us at RPS Facilities.