A Definitive Guide To Business Security

A Definitive Guide To Business Security

When you’ve invested time and effort into your business and its premises, you want to ensure your work is protected from harm where possible. The safety of your employees is your responsibility, and a safe work environment will prove much more productive for you too. 

While security measures are an investment, carefully considered methods save you money in the long run, as you’ll avoid costly repairs from break-ins and thefts. It’s a no-brainer!

We’re sure you’ve already identified the benefits of a secure workplace, but what security measures are best suited for your property? Here is a definitive guide to business security, along with some handy tips for making the most of your budget.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV systems are a fantastic security measure that can protect your equipment and your employees from thieves and intruders. Visible cameras around your property are a serious deterrent, and your business is much less likely to be targeted in organised crime. CCTV grants you the ability to provide concrete evidence of trespassing on your property, and you may be able to spot suspicious behaviour to report before it escalates.

While a CCTV system can be expensive to install and a little time consuming to monitor and maintain, the cost of your insurance will likely reduce. CCTV is an investment, and it’ll eventually pay itself off with reduced insurance costs and avoidance of break-ins and theft. In the rare occurrence that crime still takes place around or inside your property, the evidence your footage provides will ensure that any court case runs as quick as possible.

Security Alarms

A burglar alarm may provide more than enough peace of mind for your business. If your business premises are in a well-populated area that is brightly lit, CCTV may feel like overkill. The triggering of a burglar alarm could well be enough to protect your building since neighbours are likely to respond and survey on your behalf. A security alarm needs much less maintenance and monitoring, but it’s still a visual deterrent for organised crime.

For your peace of mind, it may also be worth considering hiring a professional for alarm response and key holding. Security officers will be dispatched to your property in the case of activation, whether false or not, and they’ll assess the building on your behalf before resetting the alarm. Fully trained staff attending to an alert is much safer than fulfilling the role yourself, and you aren’t putting your employees in harm’s way either.

Door Supervisors

Security alarms and CCTV systems are most beneficial to protect business premises while they’re unoccupied. Door supervisors differ, as they provide customer care while your business is open. If shoplifting is a common occurrence on your property or there are regular outbursts of violence from customers, the assistance of a door supervisor may be invaluable to you. Cleverly control the behaviour of customers entering your property, and you’ll have fewer issues.

A door supervisor is trained to handle emergency procedures and aggression or conflict, where your staff may feel overwhelmed or threatened. Any members of the public that could pose a threat inside your building will be denied entry with the employment of a door supervisor, protecting your staff and your valued customers. Door supervision is a pricier security measure, but it could be well worthwhile for you to avoid financial losses from shoplifting and violence.

To further discuss the benefits that your business could reap from a CCTV system, professional alarm response or door supervisors, please contact us at RPS Facilities. We’ll be more than happy to help.