2 Big Things To Consider When Planning Your Next Event

2 Big Things To Consider When Planning Your Next Event​

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When you’re planning an event, there’s a lot to consider. The number of guests you’re inviting, the time and the venue that you select can all affect the success of your event. 

While we understand that it’s easy to get swept up in little aesthetic choices like napkin colour, you must plan the biggest event details first. We’re here to help with handy advice for your very important event security, and tips for the dreaded clean-up afterwards.

Here are 2 big things to consider when planning your next event, and you likely haven’t addressed them yet.


Event Security

While you will have considered the security of your guests at the event, it really should be the main priority during your planning. Event security is far more than just spreading bouncers around your venue at the last minute, and it requires smart coordination from the beginning. With sensible practise, you’ll secure an enjoyable experience by protecting your guests from harm and your venue from damage.

Assess every venue that you’re looking to hire for potential security risks. A building with lots of areas that could be entered without knowledge is risky, and this sort of venue would require closer surveillance during your event. If you don’t feel close supervision is in your budget, avoid venues that pose a higher risk.

Identify all entry points to your venue, even if they’re unofficial – like a window that opens from the outside, and make sure your security team is aware of them. These should be regularly monitored by personnel during your event.

Crowd control is also a crucial part of event security. The larger your event, the more likely it is that issues will occur as there are more people to direct. Security can help you to organise registration as soon as your guests have entered the venue, and ensure that guests don’t stray into potentially dangerous staff-only areas. Crowd control also monitors the number of guests in relation to the venue capacity limits, and helps you to avoid fines from over-capacity.


Event Cleaning

While cleaning may not be at the forefront for success of your event, the clean-up of your venue after the event is crucial. If you leave your hired space in poor condition, you may be prevented from hosting any further events with venues from that company. Event cleaning is an unavoidable part of your job as the organiser, but there are ways to simplify the process and speed it along. Even if you hire a cleaning team, having a clear plan to tackle the mess at the end of your event will minimise the time you have to spend at your venue once your guests have departed.

One of the smartest things you can do is to sort all of your cleaning supplies and equipment before your event has begun. Having supplies ready means that you’ll be able to start cleaning immediately after guests leave! Cleaning materials on-hand also make sure that any hazardous messes that occur during your event, like slippery drink spillages, can be handled quickly. Cleaning as you go through the stages of your event is key to minimising the job at the end.

If you aren’t going to be readily available during your event to manage cleaning duties, designate an event cleaning leader. Help them list what jobs need to be completed, and they’ll be able to oversee and take responsibility for the clean-up. An event cleaning leader is key to staying organised when you have to be elsewhere.

Don’t rely on your own staff to complete extensive cleaning, either. They aren’t trained to do so, and will quickly become demotivated with unfamiliar and overwhelming work. Professionals can properly handle specialist equipment, and it’ll get the job done quicker and more effectively.


To further discuss the benefits of hiring security or a dedicated clean-up team for your event, feel free to contact us at RPS Facilities.